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Have you been denied for credit or ready to purchase your 1st home? We can help by reviving your credit!

Your Credit Repair Lifeline!

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Credit Repair 

Financial Planning

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CEO & Founder


 I am a Certified Credit Consultant who has been in the business of assisting people with repairing their credit since 2013. I am skilled and knowledgeable of the credit consumer laws and your rights as a consumer. I have years of experience in disputing inaccurate information that negatively impact your credit and ensuring that information is removed from your credit history. I know tackling your own credit can be scary but with my assistance I am excited to see your credit flourish!


WHY Credit Crisis Clinic

During any life crisis your credit should be your strong foundation to withstand the uncertainty of our financial future. The necessities of life such as owning a home , purchasing a car or obtaining credit for unexpected emergencies should be a no-brainer with excellent credit. Here at the Credit Crisis Clinic we are here to assist you in obtaining that level of confidence in your credit by ensuring the accuracy of your credit report and providing the financial tools needed to maintain a clean credit bill of health.  



Our mission is to assist you in obtaining and maintaining a clean credit bill of health in order to navigate your new normal way of life with great credit. Having good credit comes 2nd in line of defense, with your health being first, in surviving any life crisis. It affords you the ability to secure the necessities of life without the frustration of needing a co-signer, accepting high interest car loans, being denied for a credit card, not being able to qualify for your 1st home and the list goes on. We are here to assist you in navigating this credit world by getting you back on the path of financial freedom and great credit health. 

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